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 I am a visual journalist with a passion for photo...
I am a visual journalist with a passion for photo editing and photography. My extensive journalism education has prepared me with the tools and experience to succeed in my photographic endeavors.

I studied photojournalism at the University of Missouri School of Journalism and had the opportunity to work at the Columbia Missourian - a newsroom covering the city of Columbia and surrounding rural communities. Throughout this time, I have been in various leadership positions in the visuals department including photojournalist, editorial designer, photo editor, and assistant director of photography.

Through my photography, photo editing and design skills, I strive to tell both daily and longform stories. Due to my experience covering a diverse variety of stories through different mediums, I am able to see creative approaches to storytelling with the goal of capturing the heart and purpose of a subject.

Instagram and Twitter: @nicolegphoto3


Photo by Madi Winfield
About Me

Nicole Gutierrez

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